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Will Nancy sting president trump?


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Trump 4 More Years!

This video has been deleted.

 A scientist "Dana Marek" is hired to modify the genetics of a honey bee. When an experiment goes wrong the bees are equipped with brains, and for warfare. The lead scientist will create an evil Queen Bee " Nancy " to rally the army of bees in anger towards the President of the United States " Donald Trump ". Due to the President supporting Christians, the scientists, and the vicious Queen Nancy will target the President. After hearing the evil plans of her lead scientists " Dana Marek" will have to call in an old friend " Sheriff Jacob Mills " to help save the President.


Many obstacles await Dana, and Jacob on their journey to save the president. Will his law enforcement background, and former exterminator experience help save the President? Or will his past with the drug cartel hinder him? Will Queen Nancy sting president Trump? Will President Trump see the attack coming while facing impeachment? Is this really an experiment gone wrong? Find out for yourself! In this first of its kind thriller!

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